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Rock Spring Branch promotes connecting people with the ecosystems of the Piedmont bioregion of eastern North America. RSB sponsors ecoyarden workshops, seed sharing, and invasive species removal.

At Rock Spring Branch we promote ecoyardens. An ecoyarden is both an ecological and a food garden. An ecoyarden is a doorway to your local ecosystem. You can convert your yard and gardens to an ecoyarden. Rock Spring Branch is actively seeking land available for permanent use as a community ecoyarden.

We have detailed information about persimmon leaf tea preparation. Eating, or drinking in this case, is a great way to connect with your ecosystem!

Rock Spring Branch supports the Half-Earth project of the EO Wilson Biodiversity Foundation. As you work for conserving 50% of Earth, extend your work to your own property to make the other 50% of Earth a better place, helping to save the remaining 15% of species through an ecoyarden.

To receive updates about RSB events, sign up on our email list at info@rockspringbranch.org.

Rock Spring Branch is an ecological advocacy organization helping to heal the human/Earth relationship.

Rock Spring Branch is named after a stream flowing into the Bush Creek arm of Jordan Lake in the Piedmont of Eastern North America.